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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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president obama about an issue that started in fran but is now part of the national debate. >> i'm dan ashley in
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washington. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, my exclusive one on one conversation with president obama here at the white house. that is coming up. plus, simple technology that can help protect you and your home. and why some people say there is too much night life in this bay area neighborhood. and the mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious.
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♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ we have an opportunity right now to keep progress going, strengthen our middle class, but you it does require us to put the country ahead of politics. >> abc 7 news anchor dan ashley at the white house today with an ex-clue is suv one on one interview with president obama. good evening. i'm caroline johnson. dan is in washington tonight.
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he is the only reporter in the bay area to have the opportunity to interview president obama at the white house. they spoke about some critical issues. >> reporter: for that washington one of the issues we will be watching closely from the bay area is the u.s. supreme court as it begins next month its consideration of proposition 8 california's ban on gay marriage. it is something that the president has been reluctant to get involved in for legal reasons but i asked him about his position on it today. >> position 8 in the u.s. supreme court next month. what will your administration do? >> the solis tor solicitor gens still looking into it. i have to make sure not to interject too much into the project. i can tell you my personal view which is that i think that same sex couples should have the same rights and be treated like everybody else. >> some of my conversation one
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on one with the president here at the house. coming up tonight at 11:00 more of what we talked about and ile show you around some of the things we got to see today and some of the other folks we got to talk to at our time here at the white house. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. for the moment in washington, dan ashley, abc 7 news. you can see the entire interview with president obama by going to our website some of the biggest names in high tech are putting their for the tunes together to recognize the brightest minds in science. facebook's mark zuckerbergs google were at uc san francisco to announce the winners of the newly formed breakthrough prize in life sciences. each of the 11 winners will receive a $3 million prize. that is more than the noble prize hands out. the goal is to recognize top medical researchers and bring attention to the top sciences. >> intent is to catch the attention of the younger generations to say here is
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another area you can go into where yolks you can also become famous and wealthy and at the same time do something spectacular for humanity by helping to cure some disease. >> the prize committee will hand out $3 million prizes annually. simple technology helped police get a man they believe is responsible for a day light theft. nick smith has the story. >> reporter: most online shoppers have packages delivered to their home. damon is one of them. >> there was a larger package and a smaller pack on on top. >> he can't always be home when packages are due to thieves know it. alameda police used the video to identify the man they say stole a pack and from the home in the middle of the day. >> he looked around, didn't see anything and went to my door and took the package. >> the man in the video cases the house with a friend,
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quickly moves to the door, grabs the smaller box and scurries away. the whole thing captured on his home is surveillance system. >> we think woo very a positive identification. >> because of the camera mounted outside his home police were able to get this picture to the public and identify the is suspect. they say package thieves act quickly, following delivery trucks and making the move as soon as the driver clears the area. most looking for high end rchandise and electronics, always looking to take advantage of those at work or away from home. >> without the homeowner having had the video surveillance equipment the suspect more than likely would have gotten away with this. >> home surveillance video is catching criminals in other places, too. this woman was busted for stealing packages off of a house in fremont after she was identified from these images. >> you want the video camera to get a good quality useable video of the perpetrator. >> family owned reed brothers security in oakland specializes
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in home protection. they have cameras that range from the obvious to the incon speck with us. in the last five years they have seen a spike in the number of people turning to cameras for home security but they warn. >> the problem with cameras is you get what you paid for. >> low light cameras may work best at night and high def cameras take a better picture. and according to randy most come with technology that is easy to use. >> in you are able to send a text message and you you know how to get on to the internet you are good. >> this is an example of just how easy it is to use. an image like this could be sent to your laptop or any other wireless device including your smart phone which is what i'm using right now. i posted a link to information about different home security systems on our sight so you you can research the plan that may work best for you. in redwood city tonight, police identified a new suspect in a recent home invasion robbery.
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the 21-year-old is one of three people suspected of ransacking the home of a 79-year-old woman while holding her at gun point. the other suspect was arrest ared running from the scene. trujillo may be driving black volkswagen yet that california license plate. san francisco is known as a party but not so much fun for some residents in lower nob hill near polk street. they are pushing for a moratorium on bars on that street where there ar are alrey in just a few blocks. >> when is enough enough? that is what some want to know when it comes to the number of bars. >> we reached a saturation point and potting street in recent years. public safety incidents, noise, quality of life issues for residents and the neighborhood hit a point where we need to address the situation. >> david chu says along a six
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block stretch of polk from california to oh farrell that are at least 45 spots with liquor and he is proposing a cap on any new ones. sounds good to the owner of gypsy rose who moved her wig shop from north beach five years ago. >> you can only tolerate so many drunkenness around you, you know and i think it is kind of at its limit. >> the small business commission would prefer targeting the concentration of bars by keeping a new one at least 100 feet away from an existing establish american. >> and this allows for the flexibility of new businesses to come into the area but to sort of spread out the density. >> but linda chapman wants tougher restrictions. she placed flyers around the community asking if nob hill is becoming the new las vegas. >> other districts have dealt with this by saying if a
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business closes with an alcohol license another are one can't move into until they get down to a cap of a certain number. >> we found no sympathy among those who frequent the local bars. >> america was founded on free enterprise. if you don't like noise, move to redding. >> supervisor chu may hear a lot of noise when holds a public meeting next month. a plan to build a large cemetery in contra costa county is running into opposition. it will be located near the sub divisions of san ramon. the developer says the county needs it and some neighbors find it creepy. here is laura anthony. >> reporter: ca >> reporter: with existing cemeteries filling up quickly a local developer says his plan
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to build a large new rifting place is a perfect way to address demand with supply. >> you have a few thousand people a year dying in the area. where are you going to put them. in. >> but the proposal to build a 150,000 plot semry on the 221 acres east of danville is face some stiff opposition. >> i don't like it. >> rob owns the kennels just down the road from corey's property. he says he doesn't much like the idea of living and working near a cemetery. but that is not his primary concern. >> there is not off water. i mean all of these properties around here on well system and every summer the wells get drained down and if they were going to put something across the road that is going to require large amounts of water are which is being proposed it can put us all out of business. >> reporter: the new project called creekside memorial park would include extensive landscaping indoor and outdoor
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mausoleums and a chapel. opponents also worry about increased track on a two lane road that has seen its share of problems. >> i have been out here 16 years and i believe there has been 11 fatalities on this road. >> reporter: with existing sem tarries at capacity the time is right for his project. >> they he with like to be buried where their children were born and raised and growing up. nobody wants to be shipped some where else. >> after 8 years things finally coming to a head. the county planning department is finishing an environmental report and then there will be a public hearing process. meantime, those opponents have gathered more than 200 signatures on a petition they plan to present to county supervisors who will make the final decision. in danville, laura anthony, abc 7 news. still ahead tonight on abc
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7 news. another negative review for the all electric tesla. this time wall street weighs in on the losses and some of it is your money. >> i think it is definitely going to be different. >> why a north bay winemaker is cap sizing his cabernet. >> that is too bad. spencer christian. frosty morning and mild afternoon. find out how long this pattern will last in the accuweather forecast comingíáf-
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tesla put out a new earnings report today. wall street dave them he a negative review. the stock is down 6%. for the last couple of weeks the company had to defend its claims about the mileage the cars get on a charge. a bright spot in today's report is the volume of cars churning out of its plant in fremont. 400 a week. more on the company''s progres. >> for a company that only delivered 250 cars in the first few months of production the recent rampup has cost the company but the costs are going down. >> the amount of overtime required to achieve the 400 cars per week was pretty extreme.
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that has improved dramatically just coming into january and then february. >> so far, tesla has delivered 2400 cars to customers. a bit lower than analysts expectations of more than 3,000 but the company plans to deliver more than 20,000 model s cars this year and despite the recent back and forth with the new york times over the advertised range of the model s, tesla says buyer demand is still strong. >> rarely do you want to take on the new york times. clearly what is different here is that they had the facts to back it up. >> charles byers says any fallout from the new york times episode likely will not be seen until the next earnings report and the immediate response by the ceo may have helped protect the brand for now. he disputed the claims by using driving data from the car. >> as anoa company with a new technology all they have to sale right now is their reputation because they are
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just ramping product. so reputation is huge. >> in the times story a reporter wrote about getting stranded on his way to one of the superfast charging stations because he claimed the battery was affected by cold weather. the company has installed a series of stations on the west coast and new york on washington, d.c. on the east coast. range is a subject much touched on during today's call. >> the whole thing is like yeah, it works really well in the cold. and we are going to make it work even better over time. >> the public editor at the new york times has since acknowledged that the reporter's notes were not as presize as they would like while he was driving the car. and today, it was acknowledged the efficiency of the battery does drop by 10% in cold weather. about the same as the efficiency of a gas car in cold weather. well, it is a big day for sony. for the first time since 2006
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the company unveiled a new playstation game console. playstation has faster and more realistic graphics and more ways to make games social. friends can remotely peek in to the games and jump in to help each other play. sonny needs the ps 4 to be a success. sales of its tv sets have been declining. google announced a contest to try what may be the next big thing in mobile computing. a tablet like device embedded which responds to voice commands instead of your touch. google is going to let a number of people try them out if they can pony up $1,500. an application of 50 words or less on goingle plus or twitter next wednesday with the hash tag if i had glass. they haven't told us how many winner letts be given the privilege of buying these for $1,500.
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$1,500 did you see gavin newsom wearing them. >> if yolks you want to be like gavin you have to put in your 50 word ex-playmakers expectation. >> i would like to be like gavin. >> you you can wear them well, spencer. >> i have glasses already any how. things looking good. clear skies and cool outside right now. a look at liv live doppler 7hd. here is a live view from the high definition east bay cameraing league across the bay bridge towards san francisco. temperatures right now 49 degrees san francisco. 52 oakland. 48 san jose. a live view from the high definition south beach camera in downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge all lit up tonight and current temperature reads in other locations. 45 degrees napa. 49 concord. 49 los gatos. freezing conditions in some inland locations overnight eis specially in the interior valleys of the north bay and
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east bay. sunnier and milder tomorrow afternoon and this drew pattern and mealed pattern stays with us the next few days. the satellite radar composite image as eanimate from this morning to tonight shows the low pressure is system that brought us the crazy stormy weather yesterday pushed well inland to the seat. high pressure building in ridging in to be the dominant feature in the weather picture the next several days. the storm track flowing well to the north. a few high clouds moving in but no precipitation for the next few days. overnight tonight, chilly to cold conditions across the bay area. chill have around the bay shore with the lows there the upper 30s to 40s. lows in coast in the low 40s. in the north bay valleys below freezing at napa and santa rosa overnight. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies. in the south bay highs around 60 degrees. 61 san jose. on the peninsula, highs up to
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61. on the coast, 5 58 pacifica. up in the north bay a widespread area of mild conditions with highs in the low 60s at napa, sonoma and santa rosa. on the inbound, look for are highs of 60 oakland. san leandro at 59. 61 antioch and pittsburgh. 612 at fairfield and concord. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the forecast in few days mainly sunny through friday and mild. remains mild on saturday although it will be partly cloudy. mainly sunny on sunday with high temperatures climbing up to that mid up toker 60s. and upper 50s on the coast. then we have a slight chance of showers on monday. not a great chance of rain, though. and what rain does fall if any will be very light and then sunny and mild on tuesday and wednesday. a lovely string of seven days ahead. >> and looks like it will be he great for the chinese new year's parade.
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>> i forget about that. nice and nile and dry. >> thanks, spencer. still to come, a bay area movie still to come, a bay area movie theater facing a do [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. an estimated one in six kids bullied in the united states. a california lawmakers wants to help those students fight back. the state senator proposed a statewide bullying prevention hotline that would be staffed by trained professionals who would take anonymous calls from public school students and parents. >> designed like the suicide
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prevention hot lines. >> you as a witness or victim or teacher see someone getting bullied you call the 1-800 number which gets folks into action to stop the bullying and bring wraparound services to the child being bullied. >> the senator are proposes paying for the tipline with money from prop 63 that is the initiative that passd that helps fund state mental health programs. a parent has dropped his lawsuit against a redwood city high school in a cheating case. he filed that suit after his son a sophomore at the time was kicked out of an honors class for cheating on a homework assignment. the school district revealed in the court documents that his son also cheated in his freshman year. he said he dropped the suit because of a difficulty proving the penalty actually hurt his son's chances of getting into a good college. when the academy awards air on abc 7 this sunday, there will be plenty at stake.
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not only in hollywood. maraga is one of the wealthiest cities in the country and yet its movie theater needs an oscars fundraiser in order to maintain its livelihood. for a theater owner the only thought worse than empty seats would be how that might become permanent. >> why would anybody want to buy a theater like this? >> craziness. >> reporter: and a sense of history for in i one that passed through since 1957 and have seen the stately theater. it is a landmark in these part. even the carpeting remains original. >> has not been changed. >> still here. >> it's wool. >> even today this is the largest indoor movie screen in the east bay. 60 feet and that is the original. and this is the original theater. but you it has changed just a little bit. can you imagine a balcony high above? this was the first theater in the country to have is what
9:29 pm
they call stadium seating. >> that was new back then in 1957. >> what did they do before then. >> just straight level. >> reporter: but the theaterrer that used to be cutting edge is now closer to being at the end of its financial rope and it is not alone. >> most independent film houses like this are going out of business across the country. >> because at the end of the year motion picture companies will cease to print roles of film and send hard drives instead forcing small theaters to buy expensive new digital projectors. the theater manager does not see this as progress. >> digitally is much easier but there is also more problems. this way we know what it wrong and how to fix it. >> reporter: and the theater needs other upgrades including and elevator to comply with the americans with disabilities act. a fundraiser on oscar night. one small step to save a
9:30 pm
theater. my son watches movies on iphone. >> that must make you craze. >> the theater needs to raise roughly $200,000 to keep going. the good news is the fundraiser on sunday night is sold out even at $100 a person. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. good for them. an excellent start in saving that theater. a sea of pink slips. why hundreds of thousands of workers are being given notice. plus -- >> there is no longer anything foreign about foreign policy. >> john kerry's first major speech as america's top diplomat. why he says the country's greatest challenge begins here at home. also a cleanup project along the guadalupe backfires creating a new problem for the
9:31 pm
city of san jose. rain, heat and snow not ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring. get the poulan blower vac for just $79 at lowe's today.
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an effort to clean out a homeless encampment in san jose backfired on the city. now, even more homeless people camping in an area quite visible along spring street and the approach to the san jose international airport. more from david louie. >> reporter: one of the first things airline passengers see as they land in san jose is a sprawling tent city. it popped up about a month ago after cal trans ousted them from stand owned land. many of the homeless moved a short half mile away to vacant
9:35 pm
city owned land. the state in effect dumped the problem on to san jos san jose. >> we are stating to lock crowded now. it wasn't as many as when i first got here and now, yeah. >> the city is preparing to do what the state did, shut it down and move the homeless without within 30 days. >> the mayor is in a hard spot. this is not the city problem her say. they have no resources to deal with this. >> the city will have to foot the bill for taking down the tents and other structures that have sprung up and the city is counting on social service agencies to find temporary shelters for 75 t 75 to 100 pe. >> we have to pay attention to it because it does get worse if it is not tended to. >> reporter: the mayor is particularly concerned the site is near public transit and it will become a magnet tore home trillion other parts of the region. the city faces another
9:36 pm
financial burden after the encampment is removed. it will rely on the understaffed police department to patrol the site while it has homicides and other serious crimes to solve. >> they are trueing to give us the best tools and resources available to keep the air clear. >> reporter: the estimated cost to dismantle and clean up this tent city, about $40,000. san rafael city counsel voted to kill two birds with one stone. they voted to hire homeless people to clean city streets. park tess pants will work 20 hours a week and receive gift cards for food and clothing. palo alto has seen its panhandling and blight issues decrease since they implemented the same program in 2005. imagine if everyone living in the city of san francisco
9:37 pm
were would lose a day of work every week along with 20% of their pay for are up to five months. that is what the pentagon says will happen to workers iers if automatic spending cuts go into effect march 1. the clock is ticking. just nine days until $85 billion in federal spending cuts could go into effect. today the pentagon say said if that happens the vast majority of its 800,000 civilian workers will is to be furlough. >> this is one of the least or the most the distasteful tasks i have faced in my four years in this job. >> reporter: the employees with lose one day of work each week for up to 22 weaks. a a lot of about 20% of their pay. military personal would be excepted but officials warned even though it is the civilian work force that will take the direct hit in their wallet. >> the associated furloughs with impact our war fighters, our veterans and family members
9:38 pm
in on told ways. >> reporter: lawmakers voted to delay the automatic spending cuts for two months. that just set up another deadline. if congress doesn't act by march 1, $85 million in spending cuts go into effect all at once. in addition to the pentagon cuts it would also mean tsa agents are furloughed to expect longer lines at airport security. 1,000 fbi and other law enforcement agents dropped from their jobs. >> it was never meant to become implemented policy. >> reporter: 80% of the pentagon civilian workforce is based outside of the washington area. virginia and california would be the states most affected by the furloughs. those spending cuts were very much on the mind of john kerry as he gave his first speech as secretary of state in
9:39 pm
charlottesville virginia. he says the budget cuts are the greatest challenge to america's foreign policy today. >> in the hands not of diplomats but of policymakers in cock. my credibilitin is strongest when america at last puts its own fiscal house in order and that has to be now. [ applause ] >> secretary kerry says he cannot tell other nations to get their fiscal houses in order if the united states hasn't already set the example. the public's attitude toward congress is hovering near an all-time low. according to a new poll, 8 out of 10 americans disapprove of the job congress is doing and fewer than one in seven approve. democrats are faring better than republicans at 19% to only 12% approval for republicans. but overall, 15% approval of
9:40 pm
congress is unchanged from last year which is the lowest yearly average since gallup started polling in 1974. if you ever wanted to dress like the neighborhood mailman now it your chance. the u.s. postal service is partnering with a company to manufacture its own fashion line. it will be called rain, heat and snow clothing meant to withstand the. the pieces will have embedded electronics that she rest theoretically will react to weather. the goal is to generate revenue. the men's line will launch in the spring of 2014. now, that is a look. a long way from napa. a bay
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there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our limited edition bed. ends sunday!
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four cases of napa valley wine now sub merged in the ocean off charleston, south carolina. the oner is experimenting to see how the motion, temperature and light in the ocean may affect the aging of wine. reporter eric eagan has the story. >> reporter: from the vineyard to the bottle, art of making or more so enjoying wine. the weiner owner wanted to see if putting a bottle at the bottom of the hush wore make any difference. >> we will test the wine scientifically. >> thatle come in three months when the batch of 2009 cabernet is pulled back to land. for now it is going underit was lowered in specially designed crates sealed with corks and a special wax down to a secret hoe location in the ocean
9:45 pm
floor,. >> the winemaker says he is looking forward to follow out how his creation will react to pressure and humidity. >> the primary direnesses are those and the wing motion. for some reason i think the swing motion will have an effect on the wine. >> maybe the under water waves will baby the wine to just the right consistency. mira is the first american betweenmakers to experiment. they won't know until they try. >> i'm not sure it will be any better than what is stored on land but it will be different and what that difference is what we are interested in finding out. >> they will be recovered in may. perhaps to prove they were well worth the wait. >> we'll see, huh? coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, he will be in your living room for hours on sunday. oscars host seth mcfarland and
9:46 pm
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,. a new host takes the stage at this sunday's academy awards. seth mcfarland says he is not nervous but knows the pressure is on for the big performance. >> reporter: seth mcfarland does it all, acts, writes, sings produces and directs. now, just days away from hosting sunday's 85th annual academy awards mcfarland says this will be his toughest audience yet. >> in f. you are too soft they are not going to give you much. if you are too hard on them they are going to gasp and turn on you.
9:50 pm
i expect to have them hating me within the percent 30 seconds. >> the comedian ofn jokes that no one recognizes him. but you probably recognize his come day in particular the animated sitcom family guy he created 14 years ago where he voices most of the characters. >> the first feature film ted has also raked in more than $500 million worldwide. >> my bad. i was sending a tweet. >> earning mcfarland an oscar nomination. with fox listing him as the 74th most powerful celebrity in the world last year. >> i think he will hit a out of the park. he is a big-time envelope pusher and may very well offend a few people that night. i'm personally looking forward to that. >> this is a performance mcfarland has spent five months
9:51 pm
perfecting. all he can redevelop is he will deliver what he thinks is funny. >> new mexico you do something stupid you are pretty much gold. >> mcfarland will deet with billy crystal for advice. he says his favorite host of was johnny carson. the official oscars @ the pack stage pass feature will give you access. the oscars an is available for iphone, ipad, android and the kindle fire. the coverage begins the 2:00 with on the red carpet at the oscars. watch the stars arrive at 4:00 and then the big show at 5:30. we will have a recap of the biggest moments and cast to the parties. jimmy kimmel's special airs at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at
9:52 pm
11:00. one last check of the forecast with spencer christian. >> a a look at live doppler 7hd. cloud free skies around the bay area tonight unlike last night when we had some stormy weather. tomorrow statewide, mainly calm weather conditions. some area of know and some of the higher elevations of the southern see area are a down to the mountains of southern california most of the state will have dry conditions and relatively cool. in the bay area after a frost to start to the morning sunny and mild in the afternoon. high temperatures into the low 60s in many hoecations not only around the by but in the inland spots as well. two sunny and mild dies coming our way before a few clouds enthe picture on saturday. sunday, even milder with highs mid to upper 60s. slight chance of showers on monday. tuesday and wednesday, mainly dry and mild. seven lovely days coming our way. >> terrific. thank you, spencer larry beil
9:53 pm
here now you with is special little friend. >> my best friend in the newsroom. treats me with more respect than some do upstairs. the warriors held clay thompson bobble head night. it works. it works. a big night as the warrior there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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coming up ob ab abc on abc 7 nt 11:00, more are from dan ashley and his exclusive interview with president obama. why he says some of the american institutions are failing our soldiers. the bag of money found at the golden gate bridge. what the finders did with all that cash. join us on abc 7 at 11:00. larry beil is here with sports and his bobble head. >> i had to move him because carolyn was eyeing him. if you are nice i will let you -- clay seems to be enjoying the attention. >> yeah. >> if you you do an interview with him that is about what he
9:57 pm
says because he is kind of shy. >> don't look at them like that. >> let's move on. all right,. >> completely losing it here. the warriors reeling much like the segment. dropping in the standings. marc jackson called the home game with phoenix the most important night of the season. every night should be clay thompson bobble head night. 1 points if the first hall for clay. knocking down jumpers four ofite from beyond the arc. andrew playing back-to-back games for the first time this season. 7 points 11 boards for bogeth. cur arery taking over lee with authority. a high degree of diplomate for city with the left-hand off glass. the game has just gone final and the warriors end their losing streak 108-98.
9:58 pm
let's go to maui. zags number three in the nation. kevin foster rejected. bell, jr. going the other way. the game was a blowout and embarrassment for santa clara. reversing with authorities. kept pouring it on. that is olenik again. he might be the player of the year nationally. gonzaga right now leading 82-38. with three minutes left in the contest. the giants quest to defend their world series title begins on saturday. the first exhibition game against the angels. the weather in arizona not good at call. the tarp was shop the field and it was rhine raining but barry zito getting his work in. they spent the day taking team photos. the panda, not edible. not edible.
9:59 pm
the patented stare. well, liked in the clubhouse even though teammates say frank i he is a little odd. >> everybody was asking me about him. how crazy is he. a little crazy. >> everything is weird. the way he throws and the way he hits and the way he looks contribution i would take him on my team any day. take him to war with me. to the a's minus colon. they will still be young this season but they have more experience. jarred parker the top spot in the rotations. he is expecting even better results this season. >> there is always expectations of what yolks you did last year and i try not to dwell on what is done and move forward and try to get better and, you know, work on the things that i didn't execute as well as i wanted to or things that


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